Rider Support

So you want to be sponsored rider and member of the Blowsion Air Force. Well here’s all you need to know about the process. Both do's and don'ts of getting our attention and getting yourself noticed.

Helpful Information:

Applications for sponsorship are accepted via e-mail only. Do not mail or fax in your resume. Please E-mail your application to:


Subject: Rider Support Department

Blowsion will be accepting sponsorship applications for the upcoming season from November 1st through March 1st. After March 1st resumes will not be accepted for the season.

Rider Support requests can take up to 3-4 weeks to review.

Please do not mail printed resumes or bother sending in videos or CD's... we can get all the information from a well presented email. Besides let’s help the environment and save a tree. We receive a substantial volume of rider support inquires each winter so how do you increase your chances of catching the eye of our Rider Support Department when seeking sponsorship? Here are some general tips for you that will help you get noticed.

Your application email should include these items:

  • Resume (must include past results, events attended, future events, classes level and type of craft).
  • Photos of you in competition (2-3 are good) low res please.
  • Head shot photograph.
  • Letters of reference from teachers, coaches, community/church leaders, employers (Parents don’t count).
  • Report card (if still in school) – School comes first!

Resume and accompanied photos, etc should be presented in a professional manner..... Take the time to do a spell/grammar check and be sure everything is legible. Photos should be in focus and clear.

If you are attending events, be sure that you and your crew act like professionals at all times.... our Rider Support reps are constantly traveling, attending all the major events and some lesser known events as well. They purposely do NOT advertise who they are many times, but they're out there and they notice riders and crews who conduct themselves in a professional manner. Because you have lots of friends and hang out on the water does not qualify you for rider support. Blowsion is only interested in elite and up and coming riders who will represent our company with professionalism and dignity. If you're competing at a major event, presume that a Blowsion representative is watching you and act accordingly.

Who has the best chance of getting sponsored? Results are the bottom line. If you're a top competitor in your respective amateur, novice, or pro class in your sport, you're going to catch the eye of our reps. If you aren't quite there yet, you may still send in your application material, but chances are BEST when you are in the top of your class Participation at the World Finals is a huge bonus.

Regards - Rider Support Department