About Us

In 1987 at the completely immature age of 19 John Dady custom painted his first jet ski in his parents gravel floor garage. Neon colors were becoming the rage in fashion and painting (the cycle continues yet still) and thus was born the idea to create something “Blowsion” that was flashy on the water, as well as graphic helmets on the MX track. After two years of putting up with dust infested clear coats, John decided to leave his high paying ($5.50 hour) part time job (pretending to be an informed automotive paint supply salesman) and registered Blowsion as an official business in 1989 (in an actual shop with a concrete floor and homemade paint booth). Part time graphic design and commercial art studies continued to get in the way of his Blowsion work efforts all thru the 90’s, however these educational efforts paid off. That somewhat dangerous education and exposure to "art" has resulted in the unique design and paintwork work you see in the gallery and design page samples on this website.

Fast forward to present day and the full staff of Blowsion enthusiastically continue to serve the core beginning and true purists of Jet Ski freeriding, freestyling, racing, and custom painting----- and John is still the only custom painter on staff. Continuing the same aggressive and dynamic graphic and product design that started it all, Blowsion remains on the leading edge in offering a full line of aftermarket watercraft parts and upgrades. With many past and current National and World champions choosing Blowsion as their source for high performance parts and custom paint, we are as committed as ever to pushing the design envelope. Same-day shipping and tracking both domestically and internationally via our simple, clean and streamlined website order system allow our customers to know with confidence that they will be on the water or track rapidly. Tired of emails and in urgent need of parts or answers? Call Blowsion--- YES--- we said CALL! We have 5 lines available to help you and an informed sales staff that will walk you through any questions you may need answered.

The Blowsion staff consists of a melting pot of backgrounds. With primary expertise in the fields of graphic design, business economics, abacus rattling, commercial art, composite design, CAD modeling, coffee consumption, sleep deprivation, IPA ingestion and engine performance we are a well rounded and focused composite design, graphic design, artwork, and refinish facility. All of our clients individual design ideas and projects are achieved with top shelf professional skills and the finest materials available. We work with the highest quality billet, stainless, composite materials, paints, primers, and repair resins available. We take pride in offering the quality and creativity of products that are Made in the USA.

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