Custom Paint

Custom Paint

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As an authorized direct dealer for both ARAI and BELL MX, Street and Auto Racing helmets we can also supply you with the knowledge and correct fit off the shelf to compliment that Picasso helmet paintjob you have always desired. With SHOEI , TLD, HJC and many other top helmet brands available please feel free to inquire via email for current model and pricing quotes.

Wanting a stand out look? With the ease of sharing imagery and product ideas via email, we highly recommend starting a dialogue this way. It allows our designers to have a more cognitive idea of your desired design and project, thus we can better estimate the actual costs and options for you. Anything from F1-style airbrush renderings to carbon fiber composite accessories to color-matched billet bolt-ons. The goal ALWAYS is an unmistakable joint endeavor that'll generate and share the positive vibe created by our enthusiastic staff and clients.

All graphics are painted on. We have a full Vinyl-CAD as well as digital print system for creating templates and incorporating your specific logo or detailed fonts that you may request.  We use a combination of PPG brand primers, basecoats and high solid clears as well as House of Kolor brand candies and graphic colors. In other words, after countless years of mad scientist experimentation in the spray booth, we use a combination of automotive finishes to create what we feel is a superior finish. We do not use water based airbrush colors or non-catalyzed basecoats. If your paint project is going to see the kind of speeds and abuse that today’s sports require, then please do not allow inferior and weak finishes to be applied on it.

Blowsion President John Dady (the picky bastard that wont let anyone else in his paint booth) will put together an accurate cost estimate for the paint work/design after he receives email input from you on your desires and ideas. He will always want to personalize the design to your unique look, so it is our job to expose a few different ideas or "improvements" to make it YOUR new graphic design. At Blowsion we like to call it the new 2020 version of what maybe is your standard and expected “look". When emailing or calling feel free to ask for a "Blowsion Picky Paint Questionairre" to start off the idea sharing.

Spending a day in the surf testing, or in the spray booth creating and designing may be tough work, but we are willing to continue to make the sacrifice to ensure that we always offer the best options, service, designs, and performance for our customers. Check out our new products and gallery of modified and painted watercraft as well as some of the latest custom painted helmets and drop us an email with any questions.

Paint & Design Services Pricing Guidelines:


With so many different sports helmets in use today the pricing category is a challenge to nail down until we see what model of helmet you have as well as your desired look and design. John can easily formulate a paint package that fits within your budget however keep in mind he is a "quality over quantity" based designer. Most of the Blowsion helmet design paint work ranges from $595.00-1500.00 US Dollars and up. We always recommend using a new, solid  color helmet for the best results. Used helmets with decals or OEM graphics may require an additional prep charge. Emailing a picture of your current helmet condition will allow a concise reply on proceeding. 

Please do not prep (sand or primer) or mask the helmet yourself, or remove the moldings.

  • Basic graphic layout $495.00 - 700.00
  • Additional cartooning or characters, Sponsor lettering or nickname etc. 40.00 - 175.00 and up
  • Extra airbrush work or shadowing. 25.00 - 250.00 and up
  • Extra painted visor (for MX or open face helmets) 39.00 - 95.00 and up
  • Bicycle or half-shell type helmets- basic layout 295.00 - 750.00 and up

The turnaround time on helmets is approximately 4-10 weeks depending on customer demand and time of year. A two week or less rush fee is available for 300.00 additional or 30% off the final cost.


  • Tanks/Fenders - design only: $1500.00-$2000.00 & up
  • Additional cartooning or characters: $150.00 - $1000.00 & up
  • Extra airbrush work or shadowing: (call or email for estimates)
  • Sandblasting, prep/bodywork: (email pictures of your sheetmetal condition for estimate)


Paintable Chrome Helmets or Motorcycle Sheetmetal (5-7 weeks additional turnaround time)

Cost on this process ranges from $350.00 - $450.00 for helmets, and $700.00 to $1500.00 on up for bike sheet metal (this is in addition to the paint price). The set price is dependent on style and condition of helmet or sheet metal (number of pieces). 

Paintable Water Transfer Patterns

Want a unique camouflage, diamond Plate or carbon fiber background finish for your design? Blowsion has been rendering what is commonly called Transfer Printing since 2003 as a base "water dipped" pattern coating for some very unique designs. With a multitude of color backgrounds and patterns available as well as single or dual dip procedures, the costs for this process can be as little as $200.00 on up to $350.00 or more for extensive coating options. We have also coated stand up watercraft and toilets seats among other unmentionable projects! Please note this water transfer price is in addition to the normal paint design costs that include the design graphics and protective urethane clearcoats. 

Watercraft Paint and Hull Repair

Blowsion is a factory approved repair and refinisher for all models and makes of PWC. We have worked extensivley with Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, Sea Doo and Polaris as well as all respected aftermarket hull manufacturers. Free insurance estimates are available via email as long as you can provide detailed pictures of your damaged area. Epoxy, SMC, Gel Coat etc…we fix it all (let us do the itching for you.) E-mail for estimate and cost breakdown information.

Watercraft Hull Reinforcement/Strengthening

All models (a must for ocean or freestyle riders): $250.00 - $650.00 & up. Do it yourself products can be found here.

Watercraft Mat/Decal Removal

  • HullDis/Re-assembly · Hull Prep For Painting (call or email for a detailed price estimate)


Stand Up Watercraft Paint - Fully Disassembled: $1300.00 - $2500.00 & up

  •  -custom airbrush with multiple colors
  •  -airbrush shadowing, lettering etc. 

 (Stitched or Hydro Turf mat and chin pad upholstery kits also available. Email for specific request or questions.)

Sit Down Watercraft Paint - Fully Disassembled: $1500.00 - $2500.00 & up

  •  -custom paint with multiple colors
  •  -airbrush shadowing, lettering etc.
  •  -custom matched mat and seat

(Stitched or Hydro Turf mat and seat upholstery kits also available. Email for specific request or questions.)

Watercraft Paint "dress-up" Packages

The below options require very little watercraft dis-assembly. Graphics and digital vinyl wrap are applied over certain areas of the base color factory finish.

  • Stand Up Model graphic color paint package (includes lettering, cartooning etc. w/ clear coat): $600.00 - $900.00 & up
  • Sit Down Model graphic color paint package (includes lettering, cartooning etc. w/ clear coat): $800.00 - $1200.00 & up


Digital Wrap Service

We have a 52" Digital printer and laminator in our graphics studio. This incredibly dangerous piece of equipment in our hands allows us to offer a less expensive cost option in printed vinyl for those customers that desire a Blowsion look design on their watercraft but cannot afford the costs of custom paint. Stay tuned for the gallery release of completed projects but in the meantime please email us for specs and options.

Please do not hesitate to e-mail and share and image or idea with us. Building a stellar design together is the goal. The turnaround time on watercraft is approximately 6-10 weeks depending on customer demand and time of year. A three week or less Watercraft Paint Rush Fee is available for $500.00 additional or 30% of the final cost