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  • MSD Wire Set 8.5mm

    MSD Universal kits are supplied with the spark plug terminal and boot installed, then you cut the wire to length and crimp the coil side on. MSD even supplies a Mini-Stripper-Crimper tool to produce a firm crimp.

    Part Number: 01-05-609

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  • MSD Improved Stock Coil

    More juice for your powerplant than any OEM coil can provide. New Updated model! Fits all years Yamaha Superjet 650/701/760, and Kawasaki 750 and 800 SXR.

    Part Number: 01-05-012

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  • MSD Deutsch Connector 6-Pin (16-18ga)

    The MSD 6-pin Deutsch Connector 8180 is an electrical connector designed to be used with MSD ignition systems in various applications, such as automotive, marine, and industrial applications. The connector features a weather-tight seal that protects it from exposure to moisture, dust, and other environmental factors, making it suitable for use in harsh conditions. MSD PN# 8180.

    Part Number: 01-05-629

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  • MSD External Starter Relay

    This 12-volt relay is a heavy-duty unit designed to mount outside the electrical box. It’s made with materials that lock out moisture and chemicals. Rated for 65 amps.

    Part Number: 01-05-606 / MSD Part Number: 4390

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  • MSD Single Tower Isolated Coil

    PWC Specific Model MSD Coil. Single Tower, Isolated Ground. Specially Designed w/ higher turns ratio. Resulting in a tighter voltage spark. For MSD Total Loss Ignitions.

    Part Number: 01-05-011

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  • MSD Boot Retainer Kit - Triple

    MSD Spark Plug Boot Retainer for triples. Made from high-temp nylon. Secures the boot to the base of the spark plug.

    Part Number: 01-05-604

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  • MSD Spark Plug Boot Kit

    MSD 90 Degree Spark Plug Boot Kit.

    Part Number: 01-04-410

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  • MSD Mini Stripper / Crimper

    MSD Mini Stripper Spark Plug Wire 8.5mm. Designed to be used in a vise and with a single-edge razor blade to strip spark plug wires without damaging the core and to crimp a terminal.

    Part Number: 01-04-422

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  • MSD Total Loss Trigger Pickup - Yamaha

    MSD Total Loss Trigger Pickup for MSD Yamaha 650, 701 and 760 Total Loss Ignitions. Sold Individually.

    Part Number: 01-05-230

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  • MSD Ignition Enhancer - Yamaha

    The MSD Ignition Enhancer produces a powerful spark with increased spark duration. Not only does the improved spark energy boost power, but this Enhancer features a more aggressive timing curve for even more power to get you going! Fits all Yamaha 650/701. MSD PN# 4253.

    Part Number: 01-04-051

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  • MSD Spark Plug Boot Retainers

    MSD Spark Plug Boot Retainer Secures the boot to the base of the spark plug.

    Part Number: 01-05-605

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  • MSD Spark Guard Dielectric Grease

    MSD's Spark Guard is a dielectric grease that solves many common ignition troubles. It stops voltage leaks, eases boot removal, prevents moisture buildup inside the spark plug wire boots, and even helps protect against radio noise (EMI). It also simplifies the installation of MSD Universal Spark Plug Wire Sets. Spark Guard will not dry up or harden so it will retain its spark isolating capabilities indefinitely.

    Part Number: 01-04-413

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  • MSD Salt Water Spark Plug Boot Kit

    This is THE ANSWER for riders dealing with erratic spark caused by corrosion and exposure to saltwater. Kit includes instructions, two MSD 90-degree boots, MSD plug cap retainers, two crimp-on terminals, vulcanizing tape, and dielectric compound.

    Part Number: 01-04-411

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  • MSD Plug Boot Kit - Triple

    MSD Triple Spark Plug Boot kit includes Three 90-degree boots, and Three crimp-on terminals.

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  • MSD Battery Quick Connectors

    These allow quick and easy removal of your battery, perfect for Total Loss systems. All you do is pull the connectors apart and lift the battery out. These connectors feature vibration-proof connections. 50 amp rating.

    Part Number: 01-04-420

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  • MSD Total Loss Flywheel - Yamaha

    MSD’s Pro-Billet Total Loss Flywheels are CNC-machined from 7075-T6 aluminum for absolute accuracy and great strength.

    Part Number: 01-04-251

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