OEM Yamaha 62T Crankcase - For Big Bore Cylinders

Brand New Modified Yamaha 62T cases available by Blowsion for all aftermarket big bore engine setups.
SKU: 62TCaseOperations
Manufacturer: Yamaha OEM

Brand New!

OEM Yamaha 62T Crankcase Machine Operations available for aftermarket Blowsion/DASA big bore cylinders.

  • Blowsion 760
  • Blowsion 850
  • DASA Billet Cylinders Kits (Stock Stroke)
  • DASA Billet Stroker Cylinder Kits (**Pictured** Includes Case Bore, Fill, Trench and Case Reinforcement for 5mm,6mm,8mm and 10mm Stroker Cranks.)

OEM Crankcase Part Number: 62T-15100-00-00

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