Blowsion Kawasaki Big Bore Engine - 820cc

In stock and ready to ship. Blowsion Kawasaki Big Bore 840cc.
SKU: 01-03-770
Manufacturer: Blowsion

Kawasaki 820cc Big Bore Cylinder

The 820cc Big Bore is the perfect balance between performance and value. The setup is a great all round freeride package that offers great performance without sacrificing reliability. This kit does not require any machining to the cases so it can be installed as a top end rebuild kit, or a complete short block.

Blowsion 820cc Big Bore Engine - Brand New! 
Kawasaki OEM SX-R Cylinder 
Kawasaki OEM SX-R Crankcase Assembly 
Kawasaki OEM SX-R Crankshaft 
Kommander Industries billet girlde head 
Kommander Industries 85mm 2x  
Blowsion Ultimate Base Gasket .020 
Blowsion Big bore Sleeves: 2x  
Wiseco 84.00 mm Piston kit 2x  
Wiseco Wrist Pin Bearing 2x  
Dual Pulse Lines 2x  
Machine Cylinder for Big bore Sleeves/Bore 
Machine Cylinder for Girdle head bolt kit 
True & Weld Crankshaft 
Blowsion Freeride Cylinder Porting 
Motor assembly 

Note: Does not include engine bed plate, flywheel, intake or exhaust manfiold pictured.

PLEASE NOTE: This engine is currently available. For a custom built engine with your own specifications please Email us for a detailed reply with all available options. For the best value please include in that email if you have running (or destroyed!) engine components that can be used as an exchange or core credit for your new engine purchase.