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PWC, Standups and Sitdowns

Custom Watercraft Paint Prices

Hull repair
Factory approved repair and refinisher for all models and makes of PWC. Free insurance estimates. Fiberglass, SMC, gel coat, metton etc…we fix it all. (let us do the itching for you!!)
call for an estimate  
Hull Reinforcement/Strengthening
All models (a must for ocean or freestyle riders)
$75 - 300 & up
Mat/Decal removal Hull dis/re assembly
Hull prep charge prior to painting
call for an estimate
Fully disassembled stand up watercraft
-custom airbrush with multiple colors
-airbrush shadowing, lettering etc.
$900 - 2500 & up
Fully disassembled sit down watercraft
-custom paint with multiple colors
-airbrush shadowing, lettering etc.
-custom matched mat and seat
(upholstery kits also available, call for prices.)
$1100 - 2700 & up
Watercraft "dress-up" packages
(the below options require very little disassembly and are applied over certain areas of the base color factory finish)
-hand lettered/airbrushed state registration numbers
(add $30.00 to 50.00 for chromes or holographic)
$40 - 150
-stand up model graphic color paint package
(includes lettering, cartooning etc. w/ clearcoat)
$300 - 600 & up
-sit down graphic color paint package
(includes lettering, cartooning etc. w/ clearcoat)
$400 - 700 & up
-hand outlined/airbrushed cartoon characters (w/ clearcoat) $75 - 300 & up
Standup Personal Watercraft
Sitdown Personal Watercraft



Phone 503-625-3616
God Bless America

Blowsion Accepts Visa and Mastercard

Blowsion Accepts Visa and Mastercard


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