RRP Cast Handlepole

Blowsion is an authorized US and INTL Distributor for RRP Products. The RRP Cast Aluminum Handlepole fits 1996+ Yamaha Superjets, Kawasaki 750, and Kawasaki SXR Models. Available with Black or White Ends.


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Product Description

The RRP handlepole is available for the 96+ Super Jet, Hydrospace and KAWI SXR pole conversions in both cast aluminum or billet end models. Adjustable up to 4 inches in either direction, this pole is not for the weak rider, or the rider with a lightweight wallet! Hardcore Freestylers, Freeriders and Racers will be stoked on the improved airflow and the heavy duty gusseted construction. Please note for Kawasaki SXR riders- you will also need the following conversion items to bolt on a RRP pole: Yamaha Style Top mount design Carbon Fiber Chin Pad , Blowsion Sealed Bearing Steering System with turnplate and also a Billet Steering Stop . Also Recommended is a Blowsion Heavy Duty Replacement SXR Pole Spring to lighten the pole. Also available for riders wanting to take advantage of the increased air flow design of the RRP pole is the Blowsion Dual Breather YAMAHA Super Jet Pole Bracket and for the SXR Rider there is the RRP SXR Pole Bracket. Knee riders need not inquire.

Weight: 12LBS

Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU RRP Cast Handlepole
Manufacturer RRP
Price $749.00

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