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Hood Accessories

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  • Hood Finger Pull - Yamaha Superjet (1990-2020)

    Blowsion Billet Hood Finger Pull. Direct replacement for OEM Yamaha Superjet plastic hood finger pulls. Fits all 1990-2020 OEM Yamaha Superjet Hoods. Replaces factory plastic clip. Stellar function and look! Bright dip anodized Black.

    Part Number: 04-03-353

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  • Blowsion Hood Hooks - Superjet

    Replace your weak OEM Yamaha Superjet Hood Hooks with Our billet aluminum hooks. These won't tweak or budge in even the most extreme of conditions. Sold as a pair complete with stainless steel fasteners. Available in Black, Blue, Red, Green and Orange anodized colors. Fits 1996 and Newer Yamaha Superjet Models.

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  • Blowsion Hood Bumper (3 inch)

    The Blowsion Hood Bumper is a premium solution to prevent the Handle pole from contacting the hood. For Freestyle and Freeride Applications. Black Diamond. Includes 3M Adhesive Backing.

    Part Number: 04-04-206

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  • Blowsion Hood Strut Lift Kit - WaveBlaster

    Blowsion Hood Strut Lift Kit for Yamaha WaveBlaster. Can be adapted to other fixed steer applications with custom fitment. Includes Bracket, Struts, Hardware and Installation Instructions.

    Part Number: 04-04-209

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  • Blowsion Hood Hooks - SXR

    Utilizing our many years of Super Jet Freestyle and surf quality hood hook design experience, these bulletproof SXR billet hood hooks allow for the ultimate abuse of your 2003 and newer Kawasaki SXR 800 and SXR 1500 on the race course, river or in big surf. Do not risk losing your hood -- no more tweaked or broken OEM clips bending or breaking and causing serious engine and wallet damage. Includes Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware. Color: Anodized Black.

    Part Number: 04-04-101

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  • Blowsion Hood Seal

    Heavy Duty Replacement Hood Seal. Fits all years Yamaha Super Jet, Yamaha FX-1, all years Polaris Octane, Yamaha Wave Blaster and most aftermarket hulls. Dimensions: L 2.7m x W 16mm x H 19mm.

    Part Number: 04-04-411

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  • Hood Strap Kit

    Secure your stand-up's hood to avoid accidental dislodging during freestyle and freeride maneuvers. All stainless mounting hardware and instructions included. Adjustable to fit all models of stand-up PWC.

    Part Number: 04-04-301

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  • Brap Strap

    Strap and secure your hood to avoid accidental dislodging during freestyle and freeride maneuvers. Replaces stock latch assembly. All mounting hardware included.

    Part Number: 04-04-310

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  • Hood Air Intake Block Off - OEM SXR HOOD

    The easy solution to water slamming it way into your OEM SXR hood. This trick block-off kit will allow you to stop ingress of water into the engine compartment, thus limiting the damage caused by racing in rough conditions, wave jumping, submarines etc.

    Part Number: 04-04-401

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  • Hood Baffle Insert for SXR Factory Dry Pipe

    Use this composite drop in baffle insert to cover the area removed during install of the Factory Dry Pipe for the SXR 800.

    Part Number: 05-02-108

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  • Stainless Hood Latch Assembly

    Fits all Kawasaki 650, 750, SXR and GEN2 X2 800 Models. Comes complete with latch assembly and hood clip. 100% polished stainless. Trick and functional. Why incur the factory OEM replacement expense?

    Part Number: 04-04-030

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  • FX-1 Billet Hood Bracket Clip

    Blowsion FX1 Billet Hood Bracket Clip. Required when installing Blowsion Billet Handlepole Bracket on the Yamaha FX1. NOTE: Does not work with dual hole pole brackets.

    Part Number: 03-03-021

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  • Front Hood Bracket - Kawasaki 750

    The Blowsion Billet Front Hood Bracket is required when converting a Yamaha Super Jet handle pole for use on a Kawasaki 750. Works with either Lustic launcher or stock hoods. Anodized Black.

    Part Number: 03-04-142

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