Blowsion Yamaha Big Bore Engine - 850cc

In stock and ready to ship. Blowsion Yamaha Big Bore 850cc.
SKU: 01-03-755
Manufacturer: Blowsion

Yamaha 850 big bore

This is a motor package that was designed tofill the gap between the 760 big bore and the billet stroker in both cost and performance. Using our custom designed big bore 850 Sleeves we are able to offer this package affordably with the ability to run many configurations of our Blowsion billet head and dome combinations. For added durability, we reinforce all of our 850 stroker motors with our Blowsion billet Case Cranker reinforcement plate. The resulting cases are far stronger than stock and are ready to accept whatever horsepower abuse that is thrown at them. (Please note that if a stock stroke crank is used than no trenching and Case Cranker reinforcing is required).All porting in both cylinders and cases is done with a CNC machine and hand finished to attain the highest standards. This gives us the ability to make calculated and interpretive changes for each customer’s performance demands. Call or E-mail for further details and costs as the options are broad.

Blowsion Billet Girdle Head Kit: Part # 01-03-101 
Blowsion 89mm Domes 2x: Part # Part # 01-03-139 
Blowsion 850 Big Bore Sleeves 2x: Part # 01-03-452 
Hot Rod Yamaha CrankShaft: Part # 01-03-701 
Yamaha 701 64X Cylinder: Part # 64X-11311-00-94 
Blowsion Cylinder Spacer: Part # 01-03-322 
Exhaust Manifold Hardware 8x: Part # 90105-10M60-00 
Yamaha Crankcase Assembly: Part # 62T-15100-00-8S 
89mm Piston kit 2x: 01-03-580
Machine Crankcases to Accept Big Bore Sleeves 
Blowsion Freeride/Freestyle Cylinder/Crankcase Porting 
LABOR: Crank Case Op - Counter-Bore Cases and Motor Assembly

Note: Does not include flywheel. Short blocks also do not include fly wheel cover.

PLEASE NOTE: This engine is currently available. For a custom built engine with your own specifications please email us for a detailed reply with all available options. For the best value please include in that email if you have running (or destroyed!) engine components that can be used as an exchange or core credit for your new engine purchase.

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