Bell HP7 Carbon Helmet

The FIA8860 specification HP7 has been developed through close collaboration with leading F1 drivers and teams and is to be as aerodynamically sleek, lightweight and efficient as possible for the intense demands of open-wheel, open-cockpit forms of racing that compete at higher speeds. Designed for professional racers the 8860 or “super helmet” standard was developed by the FIA to improve overall helmet performance and safety and is known as the most severe racing helmet standard in the world.

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Product Description

The FIA8860 specification requires the helmet to be certified to the Snell SA standard plus pass an additional single impact from 5 meters to help protect against more massive impacts and withstand a special shell hardness test to help prevent objects from penetrating the shell. Bell was the first helmet company to introduce an FIA8860 certified model in 2004. Since the initial introduction, Bell’s HP helmets have been constantly improved and the current models are a direct result of intense research and development and close collaboration with the world’s best drivers, teams and testing facilities. Test results show that in certain impacts, the Bell HP helmets absorb up to 40% more energy than standard models.

The HP7 features a high-strength, ultra-lightweight shell made using aerospace and military grade carbon made in Bell Racing’s high-pressure proprietary molding system that allows pressures twice as high as conventional autoclaves. The shell and shield design has been optimized by moving the shield pivot pointer to a lower position to improve acoustic comfort, aerodynamic behavior and energy absorbing capacities. The HP7 liner system is all new featuring a multi-piece, multi-density high-impact custom bead absorbing liner with a reinforced layer of Kevlar for added protection. The helmet’s redesigned ergonomic interior incorporates multiple density comfort foams and padding to ensure the best possible fit to accommodate a variety of head shapes.

Ventilation has been improved with the introduction of 14 air intake and extraction channels strategically placed around the shell and a duel chamber air intake, maximizing airflow around the head and the face. The HP7 has titanium hardware and an optical grade injected Double Screen Anti Fog (DSAF) shield, with variable thickness exceeding 5mm in the field of vision, setting a new standard for clarity and fog control. The shield seal has also been improved with the introduction of a hollow synthetic rubber gasket ensuring that air and water especially in wet conditions can’t penetrate into the helmet through the eyeport. The helmet’s chin guard face piece is removable, available in various thicknesses to accommodate different cheek and jaw shapes. The integrated channels in the face piece offer multiple options to install integrated drinking tube systems and radio microphone systems.

The HP7 is also available without chin bar duckbill (front spoiler). Additional chin bar and top gurneys (sold separately) are available to customize the aerodynamic performance of the helmet. The HP7 is certified to the Snell SA2010 and FIA8860-2010 standards and is available in an all carbon finish in sizes 7 1/8 minus (57-) to 7 5/8 plus (61+). The helmet takes the SE07 3MM shield and SV SE07 pivot system. It comes equipped with Hans Anchors, double screen anti fog visor insert and fleece lined helmet bag.


  • Developed Through Close Collaboration with Leading F1 Drivers and Teams
  • Aerodynamically Sleek, Lightweight and Efficient
  • Designed for Professional Racers
  • HP Helmets Absorb up to 40% More Energy than Standard Models
  • Ultra-Lightweight Shell Made Using Aerospace and Military Grade Carbon
  • Multi-Piece, Multi-Density High-Impact Custom Bead Absorbing Liner
  • Liner Reinforced With a Layer of Kevlar for Added Protection
  • Multiple Density Comfort Foams and Padding to Ensure the Best Possible Fit
  • 14 Air Intake and Extraction Channels Strategically Placed Around the Shell Duel Chamber Air Intake, Maximizing Airflow Around the Head and the Face
  • Titanium Hardware and an Optical Grade Injected Double Screen Anti Fog (DSAF) Shield
  • Hollow Synthetic Rubber Gasket Ensuring that Air and Water Can’t Penetrate into the Helmet
  • Chin Guard Face Piece is Removable and Available in Various Thicknesses Accommodating Different Cheek and Jaw Shapes
  • Integrated Channels in the Face Piece Offer Multiple Options to Install Integrated Drinking Tube Systems and Radio Microphone Systems
  • Also Available Without Chin Bar Duckbill (Front Spoiler)
  • SE07 3MM shield (SV SE07 pivot system)
  • Equipped with Hans Anchors
  • Double Screen Anti Fog Visor Insert
  • Comes Complete with Fleece Lined Helmet Bag
  • Sizes 7 1/8 Minus (57-) to 7 5/8 Plus (61+)
  • Snell SA2010 Certification
  • FIA8860-2010 Certification

Additional Info

Additional Info

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