Bell HP5 Carbon Touring Helmet

The all new HP5 Touring is intended for racers in closed car environments who use an external cooling system (not included) and want the added protection of the FIA8860 standard. The ultra-versatile HP5 Touring can be used as an all-purpose helmet, with visor peak and with available forced air attachments making it flexible and adaptable to multiple forms of racing. The HP5 Touring can also be used in an ear cup configuration with or without speakers and intercom system (sold separately).

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Product Description

The HP5 Touring features a high-strength, ultra-lightweight shell made using aerospace grade carbon made in Bell Racing’s high-pressure proprietary molding system that allows pressures twice as high as conventional autoclaves. The HP5 Touring liner system is all new featuring a multi-piece, multi-density high-impact custom bead absorbing liner with a reinforced layer of Kevlar for added protection. The helmet’s redesigned ergonomic interior incorporates multiple density comfort foams and padding to ensure the best possible fit to accommodate a variety of head shapes.

As a forced air helmet, the HP5 Touring allows racers to use the model in a side air or top air configuration. By using Bell’s innovative kit system, racers can now choose their preferred type of airflow. The helmet uses internal ventilation channels to increase pressure and accelerate airflow inside the helmet to maximize ventilation and cooling and to help prevent shield fogging.

The HP5 Touring interior features Velcro cheek pads and can be adapted for use with ear cups. Originally developed for Bell’s rally helmets, the ear cups can be incorporated into the helmet’s interior. The integrated ear cups provide a quieter environment for the driver by reducing the ambient noise transmitted to the ear. Bell has developed a specific liner and face piece to allow for the integration of the ear cups into the interior of the helmet. The ear cups feature a soft-density ear cup ring and a dense but flexible ear cup. The standard cup in 21mm thick and a thicker 25mm cup is also available. The cups install with Velcro and include spacers to adjust the fit as needed.

The HP5 Touring is certified to the Snell SA2010 and FIA8860-2010 standards and is available in an all carbon finish in sizes 7 1/8 minus (57-) to 7 5/8 plus (61+). The helmet takes a SE05 3MM shield and SV SE03/05 pivot system. It comes equipped with Hans Anchors, double screen anti fog visor insert and fleece lined helmet bag.


  • For Racers in Closed Car Environments Who Use an External Cooling System
  • Flexible and Adaptable to Multiple Forms of Racing
  • Can Also be Used in an Ear Cup Configuration With or Without Speakers and Intercom System (Sold Separately)
  • HP Helmets Absorb up to 40% More Energy than Standard Models
  • Ultra-Lightweight Shell Made Using Aerospace Grade Carbon
  • Multi-Piece, Multi-Density High-Impact Custom Bead Absorbing Liner
  • Liner Reinforced With a Layer of Kevlar for Added Protection
  • Multiple Density Comfort Foams and Padding to Ensure the Best Possible Fit
  • Can be used in a Side Air or Top Air Configuration
  • Internal Ventilation Channels to Increase Pressure and Accelerate Airflow to Maximize Ventilation and Cooling
  • Velcro Cheek Pads and Can be Adapted for Use with Ear Cups
  • Specific Liner and Face Piece to Allow for the Integration of the Ear Cups into the Interior of the Helmet
  • SE05 3MM shield (SV SE03/05 Pivot System)
  • Equipped with Hans Anchors
  • Comes Complete with Fleece Lined Helmet Bag
  • Sizes 7 1/8 Minus (57-) to 7 5/8 Plus (61+)
  • Snell SA2010 Certification
  • FIA8860-2010 Certification

Additional Info

Additional Info

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