2017 Rickter XFS Hull

After months of development and testing, the Rickter Team is proud to introduce the all new 2017 Rickter XFS and XFS Ninja Competition. All Models/Colors are Available in Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber Look, Carbon Fiber and Full Carbon Fiber Competition Construction.




Product Description

After months of development and testing, the Rickter Team is proud to introduce the all new 2017 Rickter XFS and XFS Ninja Competition. The vision for this new project was to create the most maneuverable, stable and versatile hull ever seen on the market. We wanted it to suit the advanced rider but at the same time, to make it easy to ride for the less experienced rider. We have exceeded our goals and a new star has been born. The 2017 Rickter XFS and XFS Ninja Competition.

From the previous models, many changes have been done to the new Rickter XFS.

  • The width of the hull was increased to its maximum, to enhance stability in riding and landing.
  • We shortened the hull as much as possible to increase maneuverability, without affecting the stability of the XFS.
  • We wanted to increase flotation on the back of the hull, to keep the ski from sinking on landings. To achieve this without changing the handling of the ski, we increased the volume of the back tray making the hull much more friendly to use.
  • The feet position have been angled forward to give the rider a more comfortable stance that provides better riding position.
  • An extra thick pad has been installed at the heel to help absorbing the impact of even the biggest jumps.
  • The front upper tray has been moved forward to give maximum space to the riders knees.

Lots of work has also been done to the bottom deck of the hull, to track better in turns without compromising the ability to spin and flip easily.

  • The chines depth was increased towards the front of the hull and we make the rear chines less aggressive. The result is, a ski that tracking amazing but spins with incredible ease at the same time.
  • The 2017 Rickter XFS comes with a high volume intake tract and the XFS Ninja Competition comes with the extended pump tunnel for maximum pump volume and flow.
  • We have also totally redesigned the pump cavity area by making it larger to easily suit the biggest pump used now in freestyle.

Additional Parts Required: Handlepole, Pump, Impeller, Driveline, Control Cables, Electrical box, Engine, Fuel Tank and all mounting accessories. Feel free to contact the Blowsion team to help you assemble your complete machine in multiple different engine and pump configurations. E-mail for detailed information and cost options.

Hull Models

The 2017 Rickter XFS Models comes with a totally new stealth look top deck with all new graphics kit, available in 4 color options. All Rickters are infused using 100% epoxy resin and they are available in fiberglass, Carbon Fiber Look and 100% Carbon Fiber Construction.

Color Options

Parts Included

  • Rickter Hull w/Graphics
  • Low Profile Hood w/Hood Seal
  • Billet Hood Hooks
  • Billet Scupper Valve
  • Billet Handlepole Bracket
  • Billet Engine Bracket Mounts
  • Adjustable Footwells & Mats

SHIPPING NOTE: Delivery to a commercial business consignee only that has 9-5 freight hours and a loading dock/forklift is required. We cannot deliver to a private residence. The shipping rate quoted is an estimate only and is based on the estimated weight and dimension of your shipment. In some cases other shipping charges, surcharges or accessorial charges may apply.

Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU 2017 Rickter XFS
Manufacturer Rickter
Price $6,650.00

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